Mobile Choice Bus is launched

There is 27% of unmet need of family planning in Nepal. Women and girls in rural Nepal have to travel long distance to reach health facilities. This is one of the barrier that Marie Stopes Nepal is committed to overcome. Recently, Marie Stopes Nepal launched CHOICE bus to provide free family planning services. Marie Stopes Nepal provides quality, confidential and safe services.

The choice bus was inaugurated by Dr. Naresh Pratap KC, Director in Family Health Division-Nepal. He said, “This is full-fledged bus with counseling, screening, procedure and recovery room. The choice bus will be providing range of family planning services including permanent methods. Now the services will be accessible to population who need to travel longer distance and are not able to reach to health facilities on time.”

A vasectomy case was performed on the launch day of the bus. The mobile choice bus will be providing services to earthquake affected district, Nuwakot in coordination with local government.