From Planning your wedding to planning your family, we've got you covered

With high early marriage rates and low modern method use among youth (<15%), many couples begin their marriages ill-equipped to plan their families. Unmet need among the adolescent and young is particularly high for spacing with 37.5 and 23.3 percent respectively. Unmet need for family planning stood at 25.2 in 2014. The period when couples are planning their wedding and are recently married present an opportune time to provide family planning (FP) information and services.

Focus group discussions (FGDs) conducted by Marie Stopes Nepal revealed that family planning is not a priority for young couples and the information they receive come from their friends/family which may not be comprehensive and/or accurate. A comprehensive targeted communication package and increase in FP uptake will reduce untimed and unwanted pregnancy among newlyweds.

This led to the inception of Newlywed-Shubharambha project concept that aimed to reach out to young couples who are planning their conjugal lives but may not have necessarily thought of planning their family. The first phase of this project comprised of focus group discussions and in depth interviews that identified the major barrier being lack of spousal communication that bore myths and misconception about family planning. Following the findings, phase II was designed to utilize the overall wedding industry as a crucial partner in disseminating information about family planning (including sexual and reproductive health) and providing orientations to the relevant vendors.

Newlywed Phase II mainly targets the urban newlywed population as they are fairly responsive to the use of technology. We have introduced a website ( which is accompanied by a mobile phone application that strives to address the gap resulting from lack of spousal communication, comprehensive information and lack of planning culture in Nepal by introducing sexual reproductive health and family planning information as an integral part of the overall wedding planning process.

The website/app attempts to instill the culture of planning a wedding as well as a family. The mobile app allows users to set appointments with the vendors for which the user will receive alerts about the appointment. It also encompasses a checklist for wedding planning and blogs containing articles on love, sex, relationship and marriage.  

The newlywed website and mobile application have been featured in an international news portal "THE GUARDIAN". Read the full article here