World Contraceptive Day-2016

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Rockets & Space receives different types of queries when it comes to contraception and its access among young people. Young people come up with various excuses for not using one.

"This is my first time. People won't get pregnant in first time."

"It won't happen to me. I am healthy and fit. I do not have to use one."

"She is virgin and me too. First time is always safe."

"It's ok for today. Will be using for next time."

There are lots of different methods available so there’s definitely one out there that suits you, your lifestyle and your partner. You can talk to us through our official FACEBOOK page, read through website, talk to our counselors in Meri Saathi Free Helpline, visit our youth-friendly service centres nearby you and keep yourself protected.

Contraception At Glance:

  • There are contraceptives that suit you.
  • Contraceptives are free of cost at Marie Stopes Centres.
  • There are various choices for you when it comes to contraception. You can choose short-term or long-term methods.
  • You can talk to trained and skilled counselors at Meri Saathi, free of cost to know more about the right contraception for you.

IMG_8177Adolescents and young people everywhere deserve the option to delay childbearing in order to complete their education, and meet their life goals. They deserve to have the option of choosing a reliable long-term contraceptive method or any method of that meets their needs. With the largest-ever generation of adolescents in history entering their reproductive years right now, the growing generational divide has massive implications for sustainable development—particularly in developing countries where the median age typically skews much younger.