How confidential are Marie Stopes Abortion services?

Confidentiality and privacy are often extremely important for clients, who sometimes don't want any family members to know they want treatment.

Rest assured that it's possible for you to access legal abortion services without anyone knowing including your family, friends and doctor. It won't go on your medical history either. However, we do recommend you give us the contact details of one friend or family member, in case of an extreme emergency.

The best way to prevent others knowing about your choice is to self-refer to organisations that provide legal abortion services. These include: Marie Stopes centres, family planning clinics and government institutions.

All have qualified health professionals who will ensure you receive high-quality assessment, treatment and medication while maintaining confidentiality. Don't risk your health by seeking services from uncertified service centres and by uncertified service providers, they can be extremely dangerous.

If you access and pay for abortion services privately, it's your decision whether your service provider is notified or not.

Once a person contacts Marie Stopes centres, their data is stored securely. Every client receives a personal pin number at the registration stage that is only known by them and Marie Stopes, and assists us in keeping information absolutely personal and secure.

When you register, you can choose how you want to be contacted to protect your privacy over follow up phone call. Any follow up calls by Marie Stopes Nepal through Meri Saathi will be discreet.

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