How long will it take me to recover surgical abortion?

Recovery times after an uncomplicated abortion will be different for every woman, and will depend on how many weeks pregnant (gestation) at which the abortion occurs. Most women will recover quickly, within a few weeks. Most women can return to work after a few days.


After a surgical abortion some women will have minimal bleeding, and other women may have light bleeding for up to 2 weeks. This is not your period, but should not be heavier than your normal period. Your periods should return to normal after 4-6 weeks. If you have bleeding that soaks 2 or more sanitary pads per hour for 2 hours in a row, you should contact out aftercare line immediately on 16600119756 (ntc) or 9801119756 (ncell). If you're feeling lightheaded and the bleeding is heavy, you should go to A and E.


Most women experience intermittent cramping pain after an abortion. This usually lasts for about a week and can be managed with hot packs, Ibuprofen and Paracetamol. We advise that you do not use Aspirin following either medical or surgical abortion as it can increase your bleeding. If painkillers are not controlling your pain then you must contact our aftercare line immediately.

Our travel guidelines

We strongly recommend that all clients bring a friend or family member with them. However - if this isn't possible and your pregnancy is under 18 weeks - it's fine for you to attend and leave the centre by yourself.

If you're having a surgical abortion with sedation or general anesthetic, you can also attend and leave the centre by yourself, but must not drive home.

For later surgical abortions (18+ weeks), you must be accompanied, and also not drive yourself home.


Following an abortion, it's completely normal to experience a range of feelings such as relief, guilt, regret and sadness. For most women, these feelings fade after a few weeks or months. We recommend that you have someone with you after your abortion to talk to. We offer free, confidential counselling for all women who've had abortion treatment at Marie Stopes, for as many sessions as needed. Find out about our counselling services.

Symptoms to watch out for after a surgical abortion

Lasting pain and/or abdominal tenderness not controlled by simple pain relief

Smelly or discoloured vaginal discharge


Generally feeling unwell

Continuous heavy bleeding that soaks 2 or more pads in an hour for 2 hours in a row.

If any of these symptoms occur you should contact our aftercare line immediately on 16600119756 (ntc) or 9801119756 (ncell).

Need to talk about your options?

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