What will happen to me during a medical abortion procedure?

The medical abortion (or abortion pill) is also known as early abortion. This type of abortion procedure means taking two sets of pills, orally, over two visits which ends the pregnancy.

Your first visit

During your first visit you'll have a consultation with a healthcare professional who'll explain every you need to know about medical abortion.

They will also:

Request you to have an ultrasound scan to confirm the pregnancy is inside the uterus and how many weeks pregnant you are.

Perform routine checks such as blood pressure and pulse rate.

Complete a finger prick blood test to check which blood group you are.

Offer you tests for sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia and HIV.

Discuss contraception with you.

You'll be given your first tablet (Mifepristone) to swallow with a glass of water, and then you'll be able to leave the centre straight away. The length of your visit will depend on your medical history and ultrasound scan, and treatment will be subject to medical assessment on the day.

A second appointment will be made for you to return to the centre - 48 hours later or instruct you to take second tablets at your home in your choice. This will be for the second set of tablets.

If you vomit within one hour of taking the tablets, you'll need to return to the centre as soon as possible as they may not have been fully absorbed into your body. We'll give you another dose to take.

It's possible you'll experience pain and bleeding at this stage. If you have any questions or concerns - please call our Meri Saathi Free Helpline on 16600119756 (ntc) or 9801119756(ncell). It's advised that you if possible attend your second visit. You can also take second tablets at your home afer the clear instruction 48 hours after you have taken first tablet.

Your second visit

Before you attend the centre for your second visit, we recommend that you take pain relief. We suggest 3 x 200mg Ibuprofen or 2 x 500mg paracetamol (please take your regular painkiller if you're unable to take Ibuprofen, though do not take asprin).

When you return for your second visit, you'll be given:

A painkiller if you've not taken any before you arrive at the centre.

An anti-sickness tablet.

Two antibiotic tablets (Metronidazole) to prevent infection.

Your second set of tablets (Misoprostol). You'll be asked to place 4 tablets between your gum and cheek following a drink of warm water. You'll need to allow up to 30 minutes for the tablets to dissolve before you leave the centre.

A further 4 antibiotic tablets (Azithromycin) to take home, again to prevent any infections. You’ll need to take these either later that day or the next day.

After your second set of tablets

You'll experience bleeding and some cramping, although this may not happen straight away. It's very important you use pads and not tampons to avoid infection.

You'll be advised to take pain relief in the form of Paracetamol and/or Ibuprofen. You can apply a warm pad or (warm) hot water bottle to your abdomen if this makes you more comfortable. Please do not take Aspirin.

The cramps may become strong - this is a normal part of the abortion process.

Bleeding may get heavier and you may pass clots. This is usually at the time you begin to lose your pregnancy.

Often the pregnancy is passed into the toilet. You may not see it specifically, and it may appear as a clot.

Side effects of the medication may include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and shivering. These can start happening fairly soon after taking the medication, so you'll need to plan your journey home. We recommend you are accompanied and are driven home.

Once the pregnancy has been passed, your bleeding will usually lessen and become like a slightly heavier period. It may continue to be quite heavy for a day or two as the uterus needs to contract and return to its normal size. If heavy bleeding occurs for more than two days, or you are soaking more than two pads per hour for two hours or more, call our Meri Saathi Free Helpline for advice on 16600119756 (ntc) or 9801119756 (ncell).


The abortion may take place within four to five hours and is usually completed within one to two days. Very occasionally, it can take up to two weeks to pass the pregnancy.

Do not take a bath or shower during the abortion or directly afterwards without someone with you; we suggest this for your own safety.

We advise you to take a pregnancy test to take home with you to confirm that the pregnancy has passed. Wait four weeks after taking the second set of tablets before taking the test as some pregnancy hormone can be present for up to three weeks, which can give a false-positive result.

If the pregnancy test is positive, or you are at all worried you still may be pregnant, call our helpline for advice. In about 2-3% of cases further treatment may be necessary.

Before you leave the Marie Stopes centre after your second visit a nurse will check how you're feeling and talk you through any aftercare information you need. You will also be given a booklet to take away with you, it's important that you read this. We have a Meri Saathi Free Helpline on 16600119756 (ntc) or 9801119756 (ncell) if you have queries or concerns about your abortion.

For more info,

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