47 year old Gita Dhital (left) has been a Female Community Health Volunteer for the past 17 years. She currently lives and works in Patlekhet, Ward #2, Kavre district in Nepal and serves about 75 households. She regularly visits families to advise young women and couples about family planning services provided by MSI-Nepal/Sunaulo Pariwar. “It is also important to speak to the mother-in-laws as they are the ones who make these decisions sometimes.” Gita says. Gita’s job as a FCHV involves advising women and young couples on family planning options, informing them about mobile camps and other services. She also assists with births locally when necessary. “Women used to suffer before. Many women died in our villages due to childbirth complications. I am happy to work in this field as I've seen first-hand how family planning can help women.” She says.