Sanu Sundas is 35 years old and has a 14 year old son and a 10 year old daughter. Sanu has come to the Marie Stopes Nepal (MSN) centre with her husband to have a medical abortion.

The family lives in Maipi, which is about 30 mins away via motorbike. Sanu had been taking birth control pills, but still became pregnant. Sanu and her husband do not want any more children. She says:

“We will not be able to provide for another child. We are already struggling to give our two children a good education. My husband is leaving soon to go abroad to work because it is not easy to find work here. I run a small shop where I sell jackets and bags. I am very busy during the day, managing the shop and taking care of my two children takes up my entire day. I just cannot afford to have another child.”

“We heard that Marie Stopes Nepal was a good, safe place for abortions. Good hospitals are very expensive. Government hospitals are cheaper but they have very poor services and very long lines. This Marie Stopes centre is a safe and efficient option for low-income earners like us. It is great. I am very relieved we came here today.”