Seti Maya Waiba is 26 and has a 2 year old son. She and her husband Nil Bahadur Waiba have been married for 3 years. They are at an MSI-Nepal cinic today for a surgical abortion. Seti had started using DPO injections after her first child but stopped due to back pain and irregular periods. “I don’t know about too many other options – so I have not been using any contraception since then.” Seti says. Seti and her husband want to wait a few years before having a second child. “My son is still young. I can’t work because we don’t have anyone at home who can help me look after him. Once he is a bit older, I want to find a job. We really need a second income. Kathmandu is an expensive city to live in. We have to buy everything – from rice to water to clothes. Back in the day, when we were still living in our village in Kavre district – we did not have to buy things like rice and water.” ..Seti’s mother gave birth to 9 children; 7 girls (one of whom died at child birth) and 2 boys. The closest health post from their village was 3 hours away on foot. “My mother did not know about contraceptives. She would probably not have had so many children, if she did.” Seti says. “Back then people had one child each year. Farming was our way of life so people wanted big families because you need many hands to till the land. Now, we live in cities, so we don’t need that many children in the family. Needs change.” .