Vasectomy service via Mobile choice Bus

Bal Krishna Pandey is 33 years old and has two children. Bal Krishna had come to Reproductive Health Service Mela in Nuwakot with his friends to have a vasectomy. He took vasectomy service from mobile choice bus which was launched on same day.

His family lives in Chitwan. He is working in an NGO based in Nuwakot. His wife had been taking family planning method, but faced some side effects. Bal Krishna and his wife are planning to limit their family. He says:

“I am a health student. I know about family planning devices and its importance. We had been using family planning method. My wife faced some side effects and she discontinued. I was thinking of male sterilization for 4 months. I had consulted with my friend and he referred me to Marie Stopes Centre. However, I was not able to arrange time and visit Marie Stopes for the service. I heard about this mela and got information on Marie Stopes free vasectomy service. I called my wife and informed her about choosing the service. She agreed and I came to take the service.”

“I was not aware of this mobile choice bus. The idea is unique and this service will provide access to people living far from health facilities to seek family planning. I congratulate the whole team. I like the branding of the bus. I am lucky to be first client to take service from the bus. I am even happy to know that the bus will provide free family planning service.”