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We provide safe abortion services, contraception, family planning and range of reproductive health services across Nepal.


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We are the leading provider of sexual and reproductive health services in Nepal.

Marie Stopes Nepal has been serving women and men to make informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health since 1994. We provide safe abortion services, family planning services and range of sexual and reproductive health services.

We have a large network of 22 centres, mobile outreach teams and MS ladies, and also work to strengthen public sector services across Nepal. Our focus is on providing all our clients with a comfortable and reassuring experience wherever and whenever they visit us.

We deliver inclusive services to ensure no one is left behind, regardless of their location or circumstances. Our service channels include: Our Centres, MS Ladies, Outreach and Contact Centre.

How we deliver our services



Our 22 centres are staffed by trained and qualified professionals who are highly dedicated to helping you with your sexual and reproductive health.


MS Ladies

Our MS Ladies travel to rural populations to deliver comprehensive family planning services.



Our outreach services are client focused and ensures high clinical quality family planning uptake among the most marginalised and hard to reach client groups in Nepal.


Contact centre

Our contact centre offers free consultations with trained medical professionals over the phone.

Quality Assurance

We use evidence to guide our decisions and use a best practice approach through all the work we do.

Health System Strengthening

Marie Stopes Nepal aims to work within and help improve the health systems countrywide, providing policy support and advocacy.

Contraceptive Social Marketing

Our social marketing program distributes low cost and free condoms, pills and other contraceptive and health products through pharmacies, community-based distributors and other private providers.


Providing Sexual and Reproductive Health training and information needed to make informed choice.