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Education and training

Come train with the market leaders in reproductive health matters


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Empowering communities through increased knowledge and awareness.

Our experienced and skilled educators deliver comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education to young people, remote communities and provide training for different groups working in youth sexual and reproductive health across Nepal.


Our adolescent and youth reproductive health educators provide young people with the information needed to make healthy, positive choices.

We provide young people across Nepal with age-appropriate sexual and reproductive health information through our highly-experienced team of adolescent reproductive health (ARH) educators (pop up volunteers and DGCs). Our ARH educators, are experienced in delivering education and information to young people on a range of sexual and reproductive health topics including puberty and adolescence, healthy relationships, menstruation, STIs and fertility. Education sessions are delivered on request through a range of partnerships including with NGO’s, training institutions, student groups and community groups.


We provide various training related to sexual and reproductive health to our service providers.

We also provide timely refresher training to keep them updated.

Our team of experts provide Family Planning, Via, SAC/PAC, Counseling training. We also provide adolescent sexual and reproductive health training package to various group on request.


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