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Surgical abortion

A safe, straightforward way to end a pregnancy through the use of vacuum aspiration.


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What is surgical abortion?

Surgical abortion is a simple surgical procedure where pregnancy tissue is removed from the womb using a gentle suction method.

We offer surgical abortion as a day treatment in our centres, usually in the first trimester of pregnancy. The treatment takes between 5-20 minutes.

We’ll discuss your choice with you at your consultation and talk to you about pain relief we can give to make things more comfortable.

Ready to book?

If you’re ready to visit us, book an appointment to reduce your waiting time at the clinic. Once you’ve filled out the form, a member of the team will be in touch to confirm your appointment.

What to expect on the day

When you arrive at one of our centres, you’ll have a consultation with one of our experienced service providers.

They’ll talk the procedure through with you and give you a medical examination to check you’re fit to have the surgery. Our nurses will also be there to answer any questions.

Less than 12 weeks’ pregnant

If you’re less than 12 weeks’ pregnant, a gentle suction method will be used to remove the pregnancy from the womb. This is very quick and simple, and generally takes less than five minutes.