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Vaginal Ring pessary


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Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) is one of the common clinical conditions met in day-to-day gynecological practice especially among the parous women.

Vaginal and Uterine prolapse are the common POPs. The prolapse can cause following problems:

  • Feeling of something coming down per vaginam
  • Backache or dragging pain in the pelvis.
  • Painful sexual contact.
  • Urinary symptoms (in presence of cystocele).
  • Bowel symptom (in presence of rectocele).
  • Excessive white or blood-stained discharge per vaginam

Ring pessary is one of the modalities to manage uterine prolapse conservatively in woman who does not want surgery or who is not eligible for surgery. Most pessaries are made of silicone and are ring type pessaries with or without central support. Ring pessary reduces prolapse by providing support to the pelvic structures and to relieve pressure on the bladder and bowel. It will improve the various symptoms of uterine prolapse.

It is advised to remove and clean the ring pessary after every 3 months to avoid infection and other problems.