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AYFSRH refers to a comprehensive approach to healthcare and education that focuses on fulfilling the sexual and reproductive health needs of adolescents and youth in an approachable, non-judgmental, discreet, and age-appropriate manner. 

The “Adolescent Friendly Information Corner” is a special area designed to provide young people with trustworthy information on a range of sexual and reproductive health-related topics. The corner is an age-appropriate, non-judgmental, and easily accessible content have all been carefully selected for this location which provides a secure environment where adolescence and Youth may get reliable information and have open discussions about their sexual and reproductive health. This place promotes the overall wellbeing and empowerment of young people as they travel the path to maturity by creating a supportive and instructional atmosphere. 

The concept of AYFSRH stresses that young people have unique sexual and reproductive health needs, including those related to puberty, contraception, STIs, relationships, pregnancy, and mental health. These needs frequently differ from those of adults; therefore, they call for extra care and resources. 

A key component of an AYFSRH technique could be one of the following: 

Access to Information: Availability of Information delivering thorough and accurate information on issues related to sexual and reproductive health in a manner that young people can understand and relate to. 

Confidentiality: Keeping patient information private so that young people can receive therapy without worry. This is especially important when cultural norms or stigma associated with sexuality may discourage people from seeking assistance. 

Youth Participation: Participation of young people in the development, implementation, and evaluation of sexual and reproductive health services and initiatives. This ensures that services are relevant to their needs and responsive. 

Nonjudgmental and Respectful Approach: Creating an environment in which young people may share their concerns and seek help without fear of being criticized or judged. 

Accessibility: Accessibility refers to ensuring that all young people, regardless of their origin, financial status, or geographic location, have easy access to services and information. 

Comprehensive Sexuality Services Education: counseling, and Services on contraception, STI/RTI testing and treatment, pregnancy testing, menstruation issues, Safe Abortion and referrals to professional care as needed are all available. 


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Frequently asked questions

Create an open and non-judgmental environment for communication. Understand her desires and needs, explore different techniques, and focus on emotional connection and intimacy.  

Condoms are an effective form of contraception and STI (sexually transmitted infections) protection. Ensure proper storage, check expiration dates, handle with clean hands, and follow instructions for correct usage. 

Medical abortion should be conducted under the guidance of a qualified healthcare provider like Marie Stopes Clinics. Abortion clinics, women’s health centers, and healthcare facilities are appropriate places. 

Sometimes bleeding may take time to start. If you are concerned, contact your healthcare provider, or call toll free helpline 1143 for guidance. 

Emergency contraception can be taken within a specific period. Call 1143 for our guidance. 

 Contraceptive options include condoms, birth control pills, intrauterine devices (IUCDs), injections, depo Provera, and Implant. The best choice depends on your health and preferences; consult a healthcare provider for advice.